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September, 2016

14 September 2016 by Pravesh Kara

Part 5: 5 phishing tactics threatening UK businesses In our final phishing series post, we look at phishing emails designed with one purpose in mind: identity theft.    When we receive an email from Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon or Apple, our initial reaction is to believe it as we trust the source.  Cyber criminals understand the psychology of trust and seek to   exploit it through phishing cons. It can take less than 5 minutes to create an authentic-looking phishing email … Read More »

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8 September 2016 by Pravesh Kara

Part 4: 5 phishing tactics threatening UK businesses So far in this series of phishing awareness blogs we’ve looked at CEO Fraud, malicious attachments and malicious links. The previous two posts explored the techniques deployed by cyber criminals to infect recipients’ systems with malicious software.  Today’s blog looks at ransomware. Increasingly, cyber criminals are commercialising malware to blackmail their victims. This type of malware is called ransomware. Since the first cases in Russia 10 years ago, ransomware has evolved rapidly, becoming a lucrative practice for cyber criminals across the globe. The attackers send emails with … Read More »

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2 September 2016 by Pravesh Kara

Part 3: 5 phishing tactics threatening UK Businesses Welcome back to our series of blog posts focussing on phishing, a method of social engineering costing UK businesses £ millions every year. In our first post we looked at CEO Fraud. In the second we shared examples of phishing emails with malicious attachments. Staying on the topic of malicious software, this post looks at phishing emails containing a link which, if clicked, installs malware.  The tactics used by cyber criminals can be ingenious. For example, there is a rise in watering hole attacks. Hackers … Read More »

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1 September 2016 by Sasha Raljic

New Trojan found – Shakti modifies Windows settings to steal files Perspective Risk’s Cyber Security expert Sasha Raljic explores Shakti – a Trojan threat, in this blog post. Shakti is a data exfiltration Trojan. It emerged a few days ago when it was sent to by one of their readers. On closer inspection, it was discovered that this type of Trojan searches for particular file types on the victim’s computer and uploads them to a central server. Want to check how good your organisation’s security is? … Read More »

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