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October, 2016

27 October 2016 by Marius Cociorba

Part 3:5 Lack of Network Segregation Among the range of services we provide at Perspective Risk, penetration testing is a popular choice with our clients, from blue chips to SMEs. Regardless of their security posture, our testers regularly record the same issues. In this 5 part blog series, we share what those issues are alongside straightforward guidance to avoid them. In this 3rd part we highlight the importance of network segregation on the internal domain. Suggestions for … Read More »

20 October 2016 by Marius Cociorba

Part 2:5 Dangerous Default Credentials – secure your network  We regularly conduct network penetration tests for clients large and small, and whose security capabilities cross the spectrum.  Despite the diversity of our customer base, we frequently encounter the same vulnerabilities, the consequences of which can be bad news for an organisation’s security posture. Want to know more? Get in touch with one of our experts today In this series we  address the 5 commonest network security issues … Read More »

14 October 2016 by Marius Cociorba

Part 1:5 Weak password policies – improve your network’s security   Here at Perspective Risk, we run frequent network penetration tests for clients of all sizes and security capabilities. We observe certain issues cropping up time and time again, which can significantly affect a business’ security posture. During this series we will cover the top 5 issues we most commonly find, together with some simple remediation advice you can follow that should make a difference. This 1st … Read More »

3 October 2016 by Christine Ellis

Perspective Risk (PR) is at the Law Firms and Cyber-Attack Conference in London on the 5th of October. The event is connecting more than 150 legal professionals from across the UK with Information Security experts. Law firms are an attractive target to cyber-criminals, evidenced by the attack on Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers scandal. PR’s theme: ‘How not to be the next Mossack Fonseca’ will give delegates the inside view … Read More »

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