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November, 2016

24 November 2016 by Christine Ellis

The General Data Protection Regulation FAQs The rights of adults and children under the GDPR Help implementing the GDPR and safeguarding personal data Browse our GDPR Implementation page to see how we can help you or click here to contact us. We’d be glad to help.

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18 November 2016 by Tom Sherwood

Make the most of your Penetration Test   Perspective Risk’s Penetration Tester Tom Sherwood shows you how to make the most of your pen testing by taking care of some security basics yourself. Your testers’ time will be used to better effect and you’ll gain more from your investment. Here we look at 5 ways you can carry out simple hardening of your servers. 1. Keep Your Servers’ Operating Systems Updated Keeping your servers’ operating systems up … Read More »

11 November 2016 by Marius Cociorba

Part 5:5 Running unsupported operating systems and applications on your network During Pen Test engagements, our Cyber-Security specialists consistently encounter the same security weaknesses. Five risks to organisations hold top position, whatever their sector or scale. In this fifth and final part of our blog series by PR’s Marius Cociorba, we look at the dangers of running unsupported operating systems or software on your network. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 security Although support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ended … Read More »

4 November 2016 by Marius Cociorba

Part 4:5  Storing Data as Clear Text Storing data in the clear During a pen test, our InfoSec experts usually report the same security dangers, whatever the client size or type. In this weekly series, we explore five common vulnerabilites and share practical advice you can follow today. In this 4th part, we address the risks of storing passwords and other sensitive data as clear text. We use encrypted hard drives, data must be protected, right? Once … Read More »

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