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March, 2017

31 March 2017 by Marius Cociorba

Ethical Hacking Welcome to the first of a series of posts addressing what it takes to be an ethical hacker, written by Perspective Risk’s Penetration Tester Marius Cociorba. Each week he discusses one element he considers key to being a security consultant, especially in the context of pen testing. References to further reading are included where helpful. Volumes have been written about careers in the infosec industry, many of which influenced Marius when he began his journey in … Read More »

22 March 2017 by Christine Ellis

Pentesting – A Guide to Buying What to check before purchasing a Penetration Test As a first time buyer looking for a pentesting provider, or perhaps a second time buyer with lightly toasted fingers, what criteria should you use when selecting a penetration testing company? Want to know more? Get in touch with one of our experts today Choosing a pentest supplier can present a risk in itself. In our Buyer’s Guide for Penetration Testing, we help … Read More »

14 March 2017 by Neil Gibb

The Cyber Essentials Assessment Welcome to the first of our Cyber Essentials (CE) series, where our sysadmin Neil Gibb* tackles the unattractively named Bloatware and shows why it’s a barrier to valuable CE certification. Preparing your corporate network for the Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus assessment can be daunting, and often presents more questions than answers. In this series we set out to answer the common questions. We’ll share practical, step-by-step guidance and help you on … Read More »

10 March 2017 by Fin McIntyre

Your Digital Privacy – Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway? Welcome to this blog post by one of PR’s data protection experts, under his pen name Fin McIntyre. The main problem in the digital world right now is you. Cast your mind back (or, if you’re a millennial, imagine) to a time when the biggest risk to your personal information was leaving your wallet on the bus, not falling victim to cyber crime and having it sold off on … Read More »

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3 March 2017 by Sasha Raljic

No. 1: Accountability and Data Ownership in the Cloud Welcome to the first of five posts addressing the security of your data in the cloud by Perspective Risk’s cyber risk specialist Sasha Raljic. The beginning of March saw Amazon’s Web Services in meltdown. In simple terms, this meant its business customers – circa 350,000 organisations – were stymied. Websites, back-end storage, apps and Internet of Things gadgets relying on the platform were summarily knocked offline for five … Read More »

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