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Gap Analysis

Perspective Risk’s gap analysis of your organisation’s cyber security is trusted, proven, and frees internal resources to provide a clear starting point for a compliance project. 

What can you gain from a Security Gap Analysis by Perspective Risk?

  • A comprehensive and intelligent picture of your information security landscape, informing areas of priority to achieve the greatest benefits
  • Enables you to understand and control the risks specific to both your organisation and industry
  • The first step towards certification such as ISO 27001 or implementation of an Information Security Management System
  • Maintain compliance with international or industry standards, those demanded by your clients, and the GDPR

What does a Gap Analysis include?

  • A methodical, high level audit of your information security assets and the pertinent risks
  • An expert review of your information security approach and identification of the areas that require attention
  • An actionable, detailed report highlighting security gaps measured not only against industry recognised standards, but focused on your specific objectives
  • For continuity and consistency we can assist with remediation of the gaps identified, if desired

What can a Gap Analysis be conducted against?

  • You can opt for any type of gap analysis benchmarking against internal, customer-focused or industry standards
  • ISO 27001
  • COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies)
  • Cyber Essentials
  • The National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC’s) 10 Steps to Cyber Security
  • NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cyber Security Framework (CSF)
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards (DSS)
  • GDPR

Why choose Perspective Risk to conduct your Gap Analysis?

  • Our eminently qualified consultants were trained and assessed by the professionals who wrote the ISO 27001 standards. This means we can competently benchmark your organisation against the most recognised standard in the industry
  • Our world-class methodologies deliver gap analysis specific to your business, avoiding the waste and cost of superfluous controls
  • We use frameworks consistent with the risk management strategy in other areas of your business, ensuring a common approach to managing risk across your organisation
  • Our broad range of solutions and services allow you to scale up support without having to source and manage multiple providers
  • With our consultative and collaborative approach, we’ll share ideas you may not have considered, and offer our full support to your in-house team
  • As you might expect, trust and integrity are integral to how we operate, which is why we’re often appointed to work in extremely sensitive environments. Feel free to ask for our credentials and qualifications.
  • Perspective Risk reports high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business

We are Perspective Risk

  • Information security is crucial to every aspect of your business – operational efficiency, profitability, business continuity, customer confidence, brand loyalty, protection against fraud and meeting regulatory requirements.

    Our penetration testing, pen testing, pen tests and cyber security testing has proven time and time again to be an effective security assessment of business IT infrastructure.

    Perspective Risk provides in-depth security assessments, risk management and compliance solutions to help you keep your confidential information safe and your critical systems secure. We’re innovative, flexible and supportive, helping you through any information security issues to deliver real business benefits and excellent value.

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