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Supplier Audit

Whether you’re concerned about the security of your existing supply chain, sourcing new suppliers, or plan to supply to a larger organisation, a specialist independent supplier audit identifies the weak links and instils confidence. 

What will you gain from a Supplier Audit by Perspective Risk?

  • An audit by highly qualified auditors with vast experience
  • A cost-effective service tailored to the needs of your business
  • An assurance that your supply chain is operating with reduced risk
  • Compliance with your security standards and / or industry standards and frameworks, such as ISO 27001
  • A clear, concise report highlighting any gaps in your policies and procedures, including;
  • Actionable advice and recommendations for next steps and;
  • Follow-on remedial support, if desired

What does a Supplier Audit include?

A supplier or 2nd party audit involves a methodical evaluation of systems and processes, arriving at documented evidence setting out:

  • If the necessary security measures and controls are in place and;
  • Their use is appropriate and proportionate and;
  • They are effective i.e. risks are minimised

Crucially, the audit identifies any gaps together with the scale and levels of risk they present. The intelligence informs a remedial action plan and highlights the priorities.

A supplier audit from Perspective Risk can include some or all of the following, depending on your needs:

  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Policy and Implementation
  • Human Resource Security
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control
  • Cryptography
  • Physical and Environment Security
  • Operations Security
  • Communications Security
  • System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Incident Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Compliance

Why choose Perspective Risk for your Supplier Audits?

  • Your internal staff can focus on their core responsibilities and areas of expertise
  • Our personable consultants have years of experience in information security and auditing
  • There is minimal impact and disruption to your business
  • Results are delivered swiftly, with clear recommendations for action and include;
  • Technical details and non-technical summaries, allowing the report to be shared with your various stakeholders and;
  • Evidence to justify the investment in information security
  • The supplier audit process will be aligned with your existing policies and procedures
  • We are always on hand to provide guidance during and after the process
  • We have the expertise to support you with follow on remedial action, if desired
  • Our customer satisfaction ratings are high; references available
  • Example reports on request; an extract is shown on our PDF, below

View or download Supplier Audit PDF

We are Perspective Risk

  • Information security is crucial to every aspect of your business – operational efficiency, profitability, business continuity, customer confidence, brand loyalty, protection against fraud and meeting regulatory requirements.

    Our penetration testing, pen testing, pen tests and cyber security testing has proven time and time again to be an effective security assessment of business IT infrastructure.

    Perspective Risk provides in-depth security assessments, risk management and compliance solutions to help you keep your confidential information safe and your critical systems secure. We’re innovative, flexible and supportive, helping you through any information security issues to deliver real business benefits and excellent value.

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