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GDPR Assessment

The first logical step towards understanding your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation is a thorough assessment of where you are now.

To control personal data, you must know what you have and where it is. A simple premise, but the complexities of multiple technologies, legacy systems, supply chains, cloud providers and physical locations present a reality that’s far from simple.

With the reliance on spreadsheets for many processing activities, key data can also lie on staff workstations, posing another challenge not only in identifying it, but protecting it.

The new regulation obliges organisations to manage personal data safely and responsibly. Understanding the risks to that information, and your processing activities in context with the GDPR, are also fundamental steps to compliance.

What can you gain from a GDPR Assessment by Perspective Risk?  

The above challenges demand auditing, IT, cyber security, analytical and business process skills together with a sound understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Organisations large and small are looking beyond their finite resources and seeking professional guidance. So, whether you are short on time or a particular expertise, we can wrap our customisable GDPR Assessment around your needs.

We can go as deeply as you wish, or confine our support to a particular gap or pain point in your organisation’s compliance with the regulation.

Our expert assessment can include:

  • A clear eyed view of your current privacy maturity
  • An audit of your organisation’s relevant data by our qualified personnel
  • Data mapping and how your data processing activities meet the requirements of the regulation
  • In the light of our findings, a detailed report including the actions necessary to meet the GDPR and;
  • More complex problems highlighted, helping convey to senior management where resources and investment should be concentrated
  • What risks are applicable to your data including:
  • Cyber Security and;
  • Security vulnerabilities for data in transit, e.g. when migrating from one system to another – particularly relevant within a supply chain or cloud context and;
  • Mitigating the security risks
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Advice on GDPR policies

What does a GDPR Assessment by Perspective Risk involve?

If you would like a full assessment, we will begin by getting to know you and your organisation with a series of manageable interviews on set topics, each addressing a key component of the GDPR. The overarching aim will be to identify the priorities for attention and remedial action.

Alternatively, tell us what your concerns are and we will suggest the most appropriate assessment package for your needs.

As with all that we do, our approach is very consultative; we can upskill your teams, leaving your organisation in a stronger position than before.

Why Choose Perspective Risk for your GDPR Assessment?

  • PR has long specialised in information security and data privacy;
  • Our data privacy and data protection experts have extensive knowledge of the new regulation
  • Flexible options; we can act as an extension of your team – or be your team
  • An efficient, comprehensive route to compliance with the GDPR
  • Our findings may inform broader operational and security improvements, aiding other areas of your business
  • We can take care of follow on remedial actions as required – please see our GDPR Implementation page
  • Long term support if desired, with a contracted Data Protection Officer

If you would like to explore the options, request a quote or arrange a GDPR Assessment, add your details to our contact form and we’ll be in touch. As you might expect, we will treat your information with respect.

We are Perspective Risk

  • Information security is crucial to every aspect of your business – operational efficiency, profitability, business continuity, customer confidence, brand loyalty, protection against fraud and meeting regulatory requirements.

    Our penetration testing, pen testing, pen tests and cyber security testing has proven time and time again to be an effective security assessment of business IT infrastructure.

    Perspective Risk provides in-depth security assessments, risk management and compliance solutions to help you keep your confidential information safe and your critical systems secure. We’re innovative, flexible and supportive, helping you through any information security issues to deliver real business benefits and excellent value.

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