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Do you need to test the security of your application regularly in a cost-effective manner? Full blown threat based penetration test overkill for your application? Do you want to ensure all common vulnerabilities are discovered and eradicated from your applications?  AppAware, our managed application vulnerability scanner, fills a gap between not testing your application and a full threat based penetration test.

What is AppAware?

  • AppAware is a managed application vulnerability scanner services that ranges from fully automated scanning to hybrid penetration testing for web applications
  • It requires minimal overhead in configuration or scope
  • The hybrid approach ensures zero false positives and includes business logic and privilege separation
  • All major web technologies including Ajax and HTML5 are supported
  • Identification of over 140 web application vulnerability types including OWASP top 10
  • Detailed reports highlight any vulnerabilities found, where they were found and remediation steps to fix the problem

What are the key benefits of using a Managed Application Vulnerability Scanner?

  • Gain the insight you need to secure your application at fixed costs
  • Accurate reporting of vulnerabilities through our zero false positive guarantee minimises time wasted on fixing non-existent vulnerabilities
  • Minimal input needed from you to setup and run, a URL and some account details are all we need
  • You satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements

Why choose AppAware from Perspective Risk?

  • It is the only hybrid application vulnerability scanning service of its kind in the UK
  • Stay on top of the ever changing threat and vulnerability landscape
  • Your data is held in data centres within your data protection jurisdictions
  • Test tuning, monitoring and maintenance is carried out by expert penetration testers
  • Escalate to a full threat based penetration test and deduct the cost of AppAware
  • Scheduled testing at intervals and times to suit your applications

We are Perspective Risk

  • Information security is crucial to every aspect of your business – operational efficiency, profitability, business continuity, customer confidence, brand loyalty, protection against fraud and meeting regulatory requirements.

    Our penetration testing, pen testing, pen tests and cyber security testing has proven time and time again to be an effective security assessment of business IT infrastructure.

    Perspective Risk provides in-depth security assessments, risk management and compliance solutions to help you keep your confidential information safe and your critical systems secure. We’re innovative, flexible and supportive, helping you through any information security issues to deliver real business benefits and excellent value.

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