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What some of our valued clients are saying about Perspective Risk and our consultants:

We found Pravesh is incredibly knowledgeable in this subject and wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Perspective Risk either for help with the remainder of the project or future assessments
Ashley Bliss
Financial Managing Partner, Balloon Dog
Perspective Risk stand out in the field of penetration testing because they understand the importance of security risks and are able to map it to the domain in which their client is operating. Their service is very much tailored to the particular application being examined. Simply using automated scanning tools is not a replacement for smart, intelligent people with a deep understanding of security related issues. Perspective Risk take penetration testing to the next level, using real people to test systems and interpret the results.
Peter Hanlon
Chief Technical Officer ,
Zia came to TNA to carry out an ITHC in September and all of the staff he worked with, including myself, were really impressed with his skill and knowledge and how well he got on with everyone and how he made the whole process very straightforward whilst achieving a great deal of work.
Cath Hood
Security and Information Risk Advisor, The National Archives
With a growing web development team coding in a fast paced environment, it was important for us to get an expert third party security firm in to carry out a web security review. Perspective Risk provided the independent review we needed.
Tim Fouracre
Managing Director , Clear Books Plc
Dealt with Pravesh and Finian for the actual work – both were great, really knowledgeable and helpful.
Peter Sykes
Manager – IT Systems, Institute of Structural Engineers
Both Chris and Finian were a pleasure to work with and not only delivered more than I expected but are continuing to assist with our security plan.
Tony McGivern
IT Security Specialist, County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Perspective Risk are a highly professional organisation. The assessment conducted went without incident. A pleasure to work with.
Errol McIntosh
Senior Consultant , Choice Computing Ltd
We'd recommend Perspective Risk in a heartbeat. The responsiveness of PR was great. They responded well to our needs, regularly made contact and provided helpful assistance. I phoned the reception at one point and the staff were both friendly and helpful – something I personally really appreciate when working with an IT organisation.
Mark Devis
Head of Technology , Christians Against Poverty
Very satisfied with Abdul's work - thorough, responsive and communicated well throughout.
Alistair Hill
Director, Dotmatics Ltd
This particular job was an excellent example of the PR flexibility. Due to external factors, we had to ask PR if they could re-scope the assessment. This was done quickly and very positively to fit our requirements, which had changed rapidly and at short notice. This was a smooth process from PR senior management, then through our account manager and the Consultant carrying out the assessment. Many thanks to Alex and Matt who both took part free of charge in a telephone conference with a supplier following a security assessment. This enabled both the Trust and the supplier to clarify aspects of the assessment.
Phil Vaughan
Information Security Manager, South West Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Perspective Risk delivered an excellent service and based on this we plan to use them for all future security testing on our new and legacy solutions. I would like to nominate Ben for providing an excellent service and for keeping us informed about all aspects of testing throughout the test phase.
David Jackson
Web Manager , E and L Insurance
Tom and Zia provided a first class service - thank you.
John Beale
Director, Security Alliance
I dealt with Ben and he was really professional, being fully transparent on what he does and explaining things very well. He also answered further questions regarding general security, not directly related to the pentesting, always in a very detailed and well-explained way. It's been a great pleasure to deal with him.
Joris Limousin
Systems Administrator, Kaizen Reporting
Zia is always excellent. Excellent service, pleasure to deal with.
Neil Campbell
Delivery Manager , Office of the Public Guardian
Everyone involved deserves a raise.
Andy Thorne
Director, Minnow IT Ltd
Zia was diplomatic, efficient and responsive in his dealings with us.
John Burnett
Senior Systems Developer, Talent Innovations
A professional, efficient and amiable service. We will definitely be in touch in the future.
Mark McCaffery
ICT Manager, FI-REM Ltd (Solutus Advisors Ltd)
Matt has been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with him. We thank him for his hard work and commitment to help us resolve identified issues as the testing progressed.
Ian Ball
Director, Confidential Document Exchange Ltd
Difficult to think how this assignment could be done better. All individuals dealt with were professional and provided excellent service.
Terry Stacy
Head of Weybridge IT Unit, Defra/APHA
The service I received from Perspective Risk in general and Prav in particular was excellent. Despite the fact that we had never met or done business with another before, Prav was able to prioritise us for a next-day service. This ensured that a time pressured situation for us was made as smooth as possible. We received very quick responses containing clear recommendations during the process rather than waiting until it had all finished, which was invaluable to us. Prav also went the extra mile to ensure that the work was finished for us out of hours so that we hit our deadline comfortably rather than having a last minute rush.
James Stewart
Head of Business Systems , MacIldowie Associates
Both Zia and Andy were very professional and enjoyable to deal with. Their low expectations of working conditions was a further unexpected boost! Great communication with the team during testing - highly collaborative while maintaining rigorous testing criteria. The fast turnaround of the report was greatly appreciated given the tight timescales for the project.
Matt Chocqueel-Mangan
Delivery Manager , Home Office Digital
Great communication and fast response from everyone we spoke to.
Oliver Riley
Senior Technical Consultant , Absolute Networks Ltd
Zia was our main contact and was invaluable to helping us resolve potentially show stopper issues.
Carol Peters
Information Security Officer, East Renfrewshire Council
Matt provided some great advice and showed great insight and knowledge about security aspects and vulnerabilities across our environment. Very pleased with his efforts and advice given throughout the engagement.
Michael Germany
Principal Security Consultant, Vodafone Global Enterprise
Happy with the service and report. All staff I have dealt with were very helpful. Penetration Tester was reliable and easy to get hold of, and provided daily update.
Maria Rosala
Digital Services Optimisation Co-Ordinator, Home Office
A pleasure to work with and not only delivered more than I expected but are continuing to assist with our security plan.
Tony McGivern
IT Security Specialist, County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
A timely and well-handled process from start to finish. I wasn’t looking forward to this engagement because I was expecting a response of “We can’t help you with anything until we’ve come in and done a complete review of everything”! Not the case at all, very focussed and helpful. Dealt with Pravesh and Finian for the actual work – both were great, really knowledgeable and helpful.
Peter Sykes
Manager, IT Systems, Institution of Structural Engineers
Very prompt and professional.
Sridhar M
Lead Developer, MyUtilityGenius
Zia did an excellent job leading the application penetration test which was completed to the time and budget agreed, to a depth and level of detail that provided confidence in the coverage with a clear and concise report that provided us with the information necessary to move forward. I’d be very happy to work with Zia again.
Chris Ward
Project Manager, BAE Systems Detica
Good job, well done, professional staff and excellent quality of work.
Zia is an excellent consultant.
Stuart Criddle
Principal Security Consultant, NCC Group
David was very helpful in answering all of our questions.
Sarah Barcham
Project Manager, Manheim Auctions Ltd
All personnel have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Paul Bailey
Systems Administrator, V12 Retail Finance Limited
All good from my perspective.
Iain Jee
Head of Operations, Neptune
I would like to commend the work of Zia, who was an excellent and diligent point of contact before, during and after the test. His good work is the reason behind the 5/5 scores.
Olivier Thereaux
Senior Technologist, BBC
Zia is pretty awesome. We will definitely use PR again based on the work Zia did for us.
Neil O'Connor
Managing Director, Activity
Andy once again went the extra mile for us to get the report out in our very tight timescale. This is the second piece of work undertaken by Andy of Perspective Risk. Once again, he was very flexible in his approach, mindful of our environment (a 999 emergency service) and created self-managed checkpoints at which we could decide how much further to proceed in a particular direction. Andy manages to blend a solid, professional delivery with a friendly, outgoing personality and it’s a pleasure to have him on site.
Phil Vaughan
Information Security Manager, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
​ So far, the majority of my dealings have been with Alex - either by phone or email. Although this particular piece of work was relatively minor and focussed, it was at a critical period for the Trust and I was impressed with the degree of flexibility offered by Alex, particularly as we are a new customer. Andy carried out the assessment and I was impressed with his professionalism and also his overall approach to the assessment in what was a constrained environment. Andy will be welcomed back for any subsequent work.
Phil Vaughan
Information Security Manager, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Abdul and Finian have always impressed with their dedication to the task in hand, the clarity of their communications and their desire to understand the full scope of each test.
Jenny Owen
Test Team Leader,
Alex and Andrew were both very helpful.
Mark Selby
Consultant, Fylde Office Business Bureau Ltd
Zia & Matt - the chap who did the application testing, he chased down the Thinfinity issues and started corresponding with them, as well as informing CACI.
Martin Virgo
Consultant, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence - MoJ
​Very happy with the service delivered before, during and after the pen test. We had some last minute changes of scope due to project delays which Perspective Risk accommodated. ​
Phil Shoesmith
IT Manager, Cystic Fibrosis Trust

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